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QuantumRed SNS Channel


Hanwha Systems, Korea's leading defense and IT company, developed QuantumRed, intelligent thermal imaging camera,
by utilizing its superb electro-optics technologies built over several decades.
With QuantumRed, HSC intends to pursue infrared thermal imaging camera business in such various areas as
security/surveillance, firefighting/safety, self driving car night vision, medical/disease quarantine, etc.

QuantumRed, smart thermal imaging camera

QuantumRed is a specific brand of thermal imaging device, which was created by Hanwha Systems based on its cutting-edge technologies and know-hows accumulated over more than 40 years in ground/naval/air & space fields.

Hanwha Systems, Korea's No 1 thermal imaging device provider

Now Hanwha Systems is a defense company playing the key role for Korea's national security. It entered into the defense business by starting to produce Night Vision, an electro-optics product, back in 1978. Since then, Hanwha Systems continuously expanded its business domains from land and naval, and to aerospace and cyber in order to effectively support the future defense forces. In particular, Hanwha Systems is the dominant player in Korea's defense electronics thermal imaging device market, while leading thermal imaging technology development as well.

QuantumRed built based on HSC's more than 40 years of electro-optics technologies and various product development experiences

QuantumRed is the core module of thermal imaging system, which is an essense of HSC's 40+ years of defense electro-optics technologies. Hanwha Systems has the core technologies required for all types of electro-optics devices to support ground/naval/air and even the space platforms.
QuantumRed, in particular, combines lens, sensors, which are core functional components, with the image signal processing units. It is being utilized not only for defense weapons systems but also for other various purposes including industrial, medical and self driving automotive night visions, etc.


QuantumRed is applicable to all the areas where infrared thermal imaging cameras are used.
Smart thermal imaging camera module, QuantumRed, can support QuantumEye, infrared thermal imaging camera, as required by the users.
Infrared sensor, the core sensor for thermal imaging camera, can be provided thru Hanwha Intelligence,
a subsidiary of HSC, at the best price and with the best performances.
In addition to existing major markets for infrared camera such as security/surveillance, thermorgraphy, we intend to create new markets in self driving car night vision, IOT sensor, etc., while providing the customers with total solution, product and technical support in the infrared camera business area.

QuantumRed, smart thermal imaging engine module, and
QuantumEye, multi-purpopse thermal imaging camera brand,
whicl applies QuantumRed


Outstanding technological capabilities

  • Utilizing 40+years of defense electro-optics technology
  • Successfully installed infrared imaging signal processing technology onto SoC, which was the 2nd in the world.
  • Holding multiple number of patents for infrared device including high precision temperature measuring module, TRSM(Temperature Reference Source Module), etc.
  • Capable of making In-house development for core components such as lens, IR sensor, etc.


Social responsibility

  • Pursuing co-development of international standards for precise temperature measuring together with KCL* and KIIA**
  • Providing consultings for the customers with regard to infrared sensor, module and all the other aspects of the product
  • Establishing ""Win-Win Alliance Ecosystems"" in cooperation with small and medium size enterprises.
  • *KCL(Korea Conformity Laboratories)
    **KIIA(Korea Image Information research Association)


Extensive scalability

  • Extensively applicable to thermography(medical/disease quarantine), surveillance(security/monitoring), firefighting(firefighting/security), automotive(self driving car/night vision), drone, robot, smartphone, IoT, etc.
  • Key functions and performances are made into SW IPs, so as to support product development quickly and flexibly and to satisfy the customers' needs.