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Protect valuable lives and property efficiently by applying various applications such as facility management, security monitoring, and thermal imaging cameras equipped with QuantumRed modules to prevent fires and industrial accidents.

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QuantumRed Application - Surveillance/Reconnaissance/Firefighting

Use Thermal Imaging cameras to prevent various disasters in advance.

Use Thermal Imaging camera for
Fire Monitoring

Capture and analyze targets clearly in low-light environments

  • - Real-time capture and analysis of hazards such as unauthorized persons/vehicle
  • - Remove False Alarm Issue : Ignore harmless targets such as animals and leaves that may cause alarm malfunction
  • - All Purpose Operation : Provide reliable videos at night, in bright daylight, smoke/dust/foggy environments.
  • - Maximize operational efficiency through specialized technologies such as automatic target tracking and AI object recognition
  • - 75°, 22.8° lens options for a variety of installations

Securing at the fire site → Accurate and rapid incident response

  • - Minimize accident site damage and suppress early by securing clear vision
  • - Useful in finding the correct ignition point in the early days of a fire
  • - It can clearly distinguish the temperature difference of fire even in bad conditions, helping to prioritize fire suppression
  • - With a lightweight, ultra-small quantum red module with 55g, it can be provided as a handy hand-held type

Improved contrast ratio with non-uniform correction (NUC) and defect pixel correction → Mission accomplished with high-quality Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera
Application Example

Use Thermal Imaging Cameras to prevent fires in logistics warehouses and prevent loss of property

Camera weekly cameras for surveillance camera use warehouse fire in degradation using the cameras relatively so simple and likely to be a false report can be reduced. Hot spots in the warehouse can be detected in the early stages of fire. Specification analysis for Thermal Imaging Camera operation throughout the four seasons is important

Use Thermal Imaging Cameras to inspect high voltage substation and to prevent gas leaks from electric current facilities.

Prevent facility failure/fire due to transformer leakage, internal insulation breakdown, poor contact with connections, corrosion. Improvement of product quality standards through automated processes using thermal imaging cameras.

Use thermal imaging cameras to check and repair the condition of roads (including highways, pavements, and unpaved roads).

In particular, it is essential to use thermal imaging cameras in extreme environments that exceed -40°C and in winter when the day is short. Thermal imaging cameras make it easy to find water and icing on invisible road surfaces.