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We are offering intelligent thermal imaging module applicable to various industries.

[Key Point 1] Scalable : Designed to be easily applicable to diverse platforms of many different industries
[Key Point 2] Reliable : Providing reliable result values based on 40+ years of optics device development know-hows
[Key Point 3] Smart : Applying smart solutions including AI-based image quality enhancement, object recognition, symptoms detection, early warnings, etc.
[Key Point 4] Support: Custom-tailored development support fully reflecting the customer needs

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Efficient electronics/mechanical facilities management

Quick and accurate temperature monitoring for various electronics/mechanical production facilities including semiconductor, automotives, mobile phone, iron production allows for identifying production line issues beforehand and managing risks efficiently.

Secured reliability thru heat detection for chemical reaction

Development of product lineups that operate when heat is generated from chemical reactions in fuel cells or batteries, etc. During detection process, thermal imaging technoogy can be utilized to make accurate analysis. Also, various chemical material spills can be easily managed.

Diagnosis of the construction building issues and danger prevention thru non-destructive inspection

Relatively easy to inspect and manage the construciton building defects at the time of such activities as insulation material inspection, humidity tracking, HVAC checks and air inflow tracking, etc.

Offering bespoke treatment by tracking temperatures of each different parts of human body

Temperature monitoring of each different part of human body can enhance the effects of physical treatment, rehabilitation, injury prevention and execise. The monitoring results may be used as supplementary tools for various diagnosis as well as tracking of treatment efficacy.

Managemet of facilities that handle materail of high temperature or energy sources.

Providing tight safety managgement of energy source facilities such as oil/gas production or transport, power generation using solar panels and other electricity generation facilities of which the defects like damage or spills may lead to big disastors.

Establish safe traffic control system under whatever conditions

During night time when accidents are more likely to occure per statistics, under various weather conditions like heavy rain, heavy snow or fog, etc., or under poor visibility conditions like tunnel or underground, thermal imaging based ITS solution is capable of continuous data collection and safe traffic management.

Safe city where we can see and avoid even an invisible risks.

In order to protect city environment, safety, health, human lives, property and key infrastructure from invisible dangers, we can design a city where danger detection, prediction and response can be made by utilizing thermal imaging camera.

Eliminate conditions unfavorable to the growth of animals or plants.

It can protect the animals from animal diseases like avian flue, swine fever, etc., or help nurture the conditions optimal for the growth of animals or plants thru monitoring of temperatures by zone, or by individual.

Combine with various applications to satisfy the needs of users.

Hanwha Systems, the manufactuer of QuantumRed, is a leading defense electronics company in Korea, with more than 40 years of history as well as the developer of high technologies in various fields including optics, radar, communications, aerospace, cyber, imbedded SW, AI, etc. By using these technologies, HSC is capable of developing additional "fusion" product as required by the customer's needs.