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QuantumEye MPDC
(Multi-Purpose Dual Camera)

High precision dual thermal imaging camera mounted with QuantumRed thermal imaging module and full-HD camera
Ultra-small, low power, extremely easy to intall without any space limitations.
Real time tracking of persons suspected of having fever. Possible to detect temperatures of multiple number of persons and make analysis thereof.

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Prevention and management of periodic contagious diseases by using thermal imaging camera

Provides for fever check function in order to check on human fever for the prevention of periodic epidemics (SARS, swine flue, MERS, COVID-19) and domistic animal diseases (foot-and-mouth disease, African swine fever, etc.).

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For QuantumRed temperature measurement

Ultra-small TRSM(Temperature Reference Source Module)

  • Secured enough space and convenient operation (compared with Black Body)
  • TRSM temperature stablized (Stability & Accuracy) accuracy level (±0.01°)
  • Users can adjust temperatures

Patent registration completed (19th October 2021)

  • Registration Number: 10-2316804-0000

FDA recommendation for EST field

Body temperature measuring system using thermal imaging camera needs to include Black Body (Temperature Reference Source) of which temperature accuracy level is high.

US FDA released a guideline concerning the use of thermal imaging camera for the prevention of COVID-19. (22nd April 2020)

How to install and operate thermal imaging camera + Black Body for body temperature measurement.

Thermal Image pictures of body heat measured by using Black Body

Strong points for EST absolute measurement

Comparison of use cases: QuantumRed Vs other companies' EST

Other companies' EST(Elevated Skin Temperature)

Expensive Black Body +tripod + thermal imaging camera + camera stand = high cost and large space, certain distance for measuring are required. Difficult installation and environment conditions. Not possible to move.

Hanwha Systems' QuantumRed

  • - All-in-one thermal imaging camera mounted with ultra-small TRSM(Temperature Reference Source Module)
  • - Low cost, no space limitation, maximum distance of 5 m, easy to install, walk-thru type of face recognition and temperature measuring, possible to measrue multiple numer of persons.

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