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퀀텀아이 MPDC
퀀텀아이 MPDC
퀀텀아이 MPDC
퀀텀아이 MPDC
퀀텀아이 MPDC
퀀텀아이 MPDC

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Quantum Eye MPDC

Ultra-compact, low-power, super-simple installation possible without space restrictions. Real-time tracking of suspected fever is possible. Simultaneous detection and analysis of temperature for multiple personnel is possible. It is possible to measure heat even if it passes naturally through the walk-through method.

Key Features

  • dual edge camera
  • Can be used in various ways for projects
  • AI function can be installed

Product main information

열화상 카메라

유효 화소수
QVGA (320 x 240 pixels)
이미지 센서 타입
Pixel Pitch
< 50mK @F/1.0
Field of View
H: 28°, V: 21°
온도 측정 범위
발열 감지 모드: +30 °C ~ +40 °C, 일반 모드 : ~ +140 °C or +5
온도 정밀도
발열 감지 모드: ±0.5 °C (w/ TRSM ±0.3 °C), 일반 모드 : ±2°C
Frame Frequency
최대 30 FPS